Comfortable Tooth Extractions in Little Elm, TX

At Whitetree Dental, one of the ways we ensure your optimal oral health is by taking all the steps necessary to preserve the healthy structure of your teeth. If a tooth is damaged, our first approach is to save it using restorative and general dentistry treatments.

However, in some cases, a tooth may be so severely damaged and unhealthy that extraction is our only option for restoring your oral health and preventing further complications.

We know the news that you need an extraction can be overwhelming. But our caring, compassionate team is sensitive to your concerns and will do everything to make your procedure as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Some of the dental health issues that make extraction necessary are:

  • Tooth decay: Untreated tooth decay can leave a tooth so damaged that we cannot restore it with a dental filling or dental crown.
  • Root canal infection: A severe root canal infection can damage the tissues that nourish a tooth, causing it to die. The infection can ultimately lead to the need for extraction.
  • Dental injury: Dental injuries can sometimes lead to tooth extraction if the tooth is severely damaged and we can't restore it with a dental crown.
  • Broken tooth: Teeth can break as a result of injuries, tooth decay, or being weakened by a large filling. There are some cases where we can save a broken tooth with a composite filling or crown. However, if too much of the tooth is lost to make a repair, we may need to extract a broken tooth.
  • Severe gum disease: Severe gum disease can infect the tooth roots and the jawbone. When gum disease has reached its most advanced stage, we may need to extract a tooth to restore gum and dental health when gum disease is severe.

Sensitive Care When You Need It Most

We understand that the thought of extraction is intimidating for most people, so if you are feeling apprehensive about your extraction, please let us know!

Dental anxiety is very common, but our gentle care and support have helped many of our patients relax and get the critical care they need.

Many patients also benefit from nitrous oxide (laughing gas), a colorless, odorless gas that’s inhaled through a small nasal mask. Nitrous oxide will help you relax with a calm, pleasant feeling as the activity around you fades into the background. One of the reasons our patients prefer nitrous oxide sedation is because the effects last only as long as we are administering the gas. Immediately after your procedure, you will be able to return to your normal daily activities.

Oral sedation is helpful for patients who would like to minimize any anxious feelings about what’s happening around them. Our doctor will prescribe a sedative for you to take before your procedure so you will arrive at our office feeling calm and relaxed. However, the effects of oral sedation last longer than nitrous, so you will need a friend to drive you to and from our office.

Please Don’t Delay Treatment!

Please don’t allow fear of the procedure to cause you to put off treatment. If you suspect you may need to have a tooth extracted, please call our Little Elm, TX dental office so we can help!