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I'm worried about radiation exposure. Why do I need x-rays every six months?

At Whitetree Dental, we use only digital x-rays because we are committed to ensuring your family’s safety. While we can’t eliminate radiation exposure completely, we choose state-of-the-art digital x-rays because they expose you to about 80% less radiation than film x-rays.

The frequency of dental x-rays usually depends on your dental history and the current state of your oral health. Some patients may need x-rays as often as every six months; others who have no recent dental or gum disease and keep up with routine appointments may only need x-rays every couple of years.

Digital x-rays are not just safer for you; they are also an essential diagnostic tool. The high-resolution images allow us to detect problems like decay while they are small and easy to fix. Digital x-rays are also a helpful educational tool because we can easily view them on a monitor mounted next to your dental chair. The detailed images allow us to show you exactly what the problem is and why treatment is necessary.

You can be confident that the team at Whitetree Dental takes your family’s safety very seriously. If you would like to schedule your next checkup, please call our office, and we’ll be happy to help you arrange a convenient appointment. 

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