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I'm afraid of going to the dentist. How can you help?

Anxiety about dental visits is more common than you might think. Don’t feel bad if you put off dental visits because you’re anxious – you are not alone!

When you feel stressed about a dental visit, the best thing we can do for you is to take the time to listen to your concerns. For some people, stress is the result of the sights and sounds of a dental office; for others, it may be a deep-seated fear that developed in childhood. In either case, you will be surprised at how simply opening up about your fears can help you calm down!

If you do need additional help to relax, we offer the calming comfort of nitrous oxide or oral sedation. Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas” is a mild type of sedation that will help you drift peacefully through your appointment. After treatment, the effect of nitrous oxide wears off quickly so you can leave our office and immediately get on with your day.

We also offer oral conscious sedation. Dr. Shin or Dr. Kim will prescribe a sedative for you to take before you come to our office. When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll feel calm and relaxed. The effects of oral sedation last longer than nitrous, so you will need a driver to get you to and from your appointment.

Please don’t put off dental visits because of anxiety. We will do everything possible to support you so you can enjoy good oral health.

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